Your physical security, cybersecured

IP-based physical security systems must have cybersecurity protection, and that’s what we offer with AEOS cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity animation
Do you treat your physical security system like an IT system? Does it have the cybersecurity protection it needs?

Without it, your networked access control system could be vulnerable to attack. And this can have disastrous results, ranging from theft of property and confidential data to terrorism, financial loss, fines and reputation damage.

Watch the animation to see how you might be leaving the back door wide open to cybercriminals.
How cybersecure is your physical access control system?
Your physical access control system needs cybersecurity protection
If you have a modern physical access control system that’s connected to your IP network, it’s essential it has adequate cybersecurity protection. Without this, it’s vulnerable to hacking by cybercriminals, and the results can include unauthorised access to your premises, data theft, physical theft or even terrorism. Which, ultimately, could lead to serious safety threats, financial losses and damage to your organisation’s reputation, growth and stability.
Cross-industry insight into protection levels
We carried out research to investigate how well (or not) organisations in a variety of industries are protecting their physical access control systems from cybercrime. The answers to just five questions will indicate how well protected you’re likely to be from cybercriminals. Complete or find the questionnaire now to find out;
Broadcast Nedap Security ON AIR – episode 1
In this episode we discuss why cybersecurity is crucial for today’s physical access control. For this captivating topic we're joined by some top experts from the security industry:

✔ Matthijs Nelissen - Security Consultant at Cyber4Z
✔ Alex Smaling - Manager IT & Identity at Nsecure
✔ Bob Dijkman (RSE) - Head of Product Management at Nedap Security Management

It's hosted by Frank ter Kuile - Marketing Team Lead at Nedap Security Management.
Does every organisation need the same level of cybersecurity?
Cybersecurity requirements vary according to the industry and the individual business or organisation. It demands resources and investment, so it’s important to get the balance right for your business.

That’s why our AEOS access control system puts you in control of cybersecurity, so you can determine what you secure and at what level. You can choose to cybersecure your cards, card readers, access control devices and databases, for example. You can also secure access to the AEOS user interface and communication between every component of your system – you name it, you can cybersecure it. And as cybersecurity becomes more important for your organisation, you can dial up the level of protection for your AEOS system.
We’ve added a new feature to AEOS door controllers to help increase the security of your AEOS access control system
Available with AEOS 2021.1, and versions after that, is support for 802.1x – an industry standard for port-based network access control. It uses authentication to ensure that only trusted devices can connect to your IP network.
FAQs about AEOS Cybersecurity solutions
We can imagine you have a lot of questions about this topic; what are the different options, what are the costs , how to order? We’ve created this guide to help you out.